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NPM 11.5.2 cannot execute external program(bat file)

I am testing on NPM 11.5.2, and I created a new alert definition, then defined a new action to execute external bat file.

This bat file can normally run in cmd mode on the Orion server. But doesn't work in the alert action testing.

Anyone help me to fix this issue? And how to check action testing log? Thanks in advanced.

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You should find the Logs in the folder mentioned below:


Probably the log file name would be ActionsExecutionAlert.log check other related logs as well for Alerting*

If its not capturing enough information use Log Adjuster and set the Control to respective one you need.

Hope it helps

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I have checked ActionsExecutionAlert*.log files in C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\Orion, there's no related log messages.

Then I used Log Adjuster to modify the log level for Actions Execution, Actions Execution for Alertin and Alert Engine. Changed the level to All.

Then I tested actions again, and I found only ActionsExecution.log file in C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\Orion was updated.

There is a message in the end of ActionsExecution.log file:

2016-07-02 22:39:54,929 [15] TRACE SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Actions.Services.ActionMessageStorage - ActionMessageStorage: alertActiveId:0, alertObjectId:0, canStoreMessage: False.

How can I do?

I have tested same alert action in NPM 10.0, it's OK.

BTW. I found that NPM 10.0 basic alert can work with system environment  variable, but advanced alert cannot recognize system environment  variable.

I added the full path of the batch file in the system environment  variable. In the basic alert action(execute external program), I just only enter the batch file name with related parameters, it;s works fine.

However, same operation in the advanced alert action cannot work. I must enter full path to get the advanced alert action work.

Is there anyone met the same situations?

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Nobody can help me???

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