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Level 11

NPM 10.7 VLAN polling doesn't seem to poll vlans.....

At least not on our infrastructure

I just get nothing in List of All VLANs resource under NPM Summary, or anywhere else for that matter. Site is all Cisco switches (3750, 2960 for the L2 stuff with a mixture of VSS, N7K for the L3 core) and I've checked as many as I can: they all have the option to poll VLAN checked in list resources.

Am I missing something obvious?



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Level 9

Hi guys,

thank you all for pointing out this issue. It is indeed a problem in our product and we are looking for a possible solution right now.

4+ years ago for this response. I'm still encountering this issue. Any updates?

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Level 8

Also what is kinda odd is that with Juniper switches you must have at least one VLAN interface configured for the VLAN polling to work.

Just saying if someone else stumbles into thie

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Interesting - so as long as you have a management interface (that happens to be a VLAN interface vs out of band) then it works ok?  Just clarifying - many thanks!

Yes, that would work. You can also get it working by configuring just simple VLAN interface with no specific configuration, for example:

vlan {

    unit 0 {

        family inet;



As in Juniper case Solarwinds polls the following OIDs:

jnxExVlanName -
jnxExVlanInterfaceOperStatus -
jnxExVlanPortGroupInstance -
jnxExVlanPortAccessMode -

If you don't have any VLAN interfaces configured, the SNMP-polling will fail on the "jnxExVlanInterfaceOperStatus"... Why this is needed for normal VLAN polling is beyond me.

Thanks Jespir for the response

I am curious though as to when you would have an EX switch configured and in production where it wouldn't have a layer3 VLAN interface of some type?  We have quite a few EX switches (we are primarily all Juniper) and your post caught my attention  



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Yes, we are (almost) all Juniper also. Well, we have quite a lot of access and aggregation switches where we have no L3 VLAN interfaces. We have virtual chassis OOB management via dedicated management ports and so on. Routing is done either on dedicated routers / firewalls (MX's or SRX'es). So basically we have only a few switches where we have L3 VLAN interfaces (for some specific reason).

- Jesse

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Thanks for the fast response.  That makes sense - we do all management in-band vs using the out of band ethernet so wouldn't have seen that before.



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Level 16

I just finished my upgrade to 10.7 and SAM 6.1 and I see the Vlans but no names or tags....  also, nothing for all vlans...

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Level 10

I'm also seeing the same thing.  I was able to verify in the early Betas that this did work on the switches that it doesn't seem to now.  My case# is 595372

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Can you post back here with the results of the case?



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Once we turned on the Layer 2 and Layer 3 Topology polling the Vlan polling seemed to work at that point. I hope this helps.

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