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NPM 10.7 - How to access the NodeID of the currently viewed Node in a custom query?


I created several new Page Views for certain subset of my devices.  I'm trying to create a tab-like navigation (as is available with later version of NPM out of the box--this is NPM 10.7) that lets end-users switch between multiple views of the same device.  I am trying to implement said nagivation with a "Custom Query" in the top right of 3rd column on the page.  See attached screen shot below.

I know how to access the defined Views, and get their ViewIDs, but not sure how to access the current Node (e.g. NodeID) from the custom query.    Is this possible in 10.7?

Thanks in advance,



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I figured it out.  The string '${NodeID}' evaluates to the NodeID.

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