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I would like to say a big thanks to all who gave us a feedback after NPM 10.6 RC1 announcement. We fixed small bugs reported by our customer base and NPM 10.6 RC2 is ready to be installed on your production systems.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed untranslated texts for GER and JPN NPM version
  • Empty description for UnDP's on List of Objects on Network Map
  • APs are removed from controller when it goes Down
  • HWH Monitoring of ESX Node stops working when new resource added
  • ${CustomPollerStatus.Status} macro reports different value after upgrade

Known limiattions:

  • Interface Alias can now contains “< >” symbols
  • Custom chart provides information about percent utilization
  • World maps do not trigger a mixed content on HTTPS

If you would like to receive your RC2 links and are under active maintenance, feel free to subscriebe here. And I'll send you links directly.

The NPM RC includes the new integration functionality just released in Virtualization Manager 6.0. If you own Virtualization Manager too, see how to turn on the integration.

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Level 10

Hi Michal,

I've just been doing some testing and it looks like RC2 at least is reporting the OID as a "Cisco ASA 5515" rather than a "Cisco ASA 5515-X" and is not being reported as a
"Cisco ASA 5545-X" at all. It looks like RC2 is reporting all our other "X" devices correctly


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perfect, thanks John!

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Level 9


I'm glad to see that the availability reporting of group members in nested groups are also fixed. This is a big win for us as we make use of this for business availability reporting.

There is something I have noticed that isn't working though. Adding an individual node (a switch using SNMP) making use of Google Chrome. When I get to the resource selection step and I select "No Interface Statistics" it does not remove the interface selections. I have to manually unselect the interfaces.

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Hi Radie,

thanks for feedback. We will take a look on this and validate.


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