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NPM 10.3 Acknowleged alerts re-fire every week or so

I opened a case about acknowledged alerts in NPM.  If we receive an email alert about a node down, we acknowledge it.  About a week later, the same alert regenerates itself, we receive another email, and then the alert is there unacknowledged, necessitating us to go in and acknowledge it again.  We do not want to unmanage the device, because we want that visual reminder that we need to get out there and deal with that device.  However, when I opened the ticket, the tech said this is normal behavior, because the alerting engine resets itself every week to ten days.  I would like to request that this functionality be changed so that acknowledged alerts do not refire (unless someone wants them to and sets an escalation rule).



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It's a feature, I'm afraid. The 10-day re-triggering of acknowledged alerts can be extended, but not eliminated. If you want SolarWinds to consider changing this behaviour, then you will probably need to have a very significant investment in SolarWinds' products - I raised this as a bug, but they just increased the limit

See this existing thread:

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Thanks for your kind reply.  I wonder if SW did this in response to a problem?  Did they ask their user base if this made sense or would be helpful?  No answer needed.... thanks for the link.

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