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NPM 10.2 Release Candidate (RC) will be available soon. Sign-up now!

NPM 10.2 Release Candidate (RC) will soon be available to customers who have a current NPM maintenance and fill-in this survey: .

RC's are considered production quality, are supported and can be used to upgrade.

We are looking forward to seeing your registration and thank you for using SolarWinds solutions.

If you are curious about the new content of NPM 10.2, here is the list of features and 3 blog posts that we published to introduce the beta versions, that describe these features in a more detailed way, including screenshots.

Improvements (list non exhaustive)

·          IPv6 Support – ability to poll and monitor IPv6 nodes just like you can today with IPv4

·          SNMPv3 Trap Support – ability for Orion to send and receive SNMPv3 traps

·          Multi-CPU Polling – the ability to poll and visualize multi-CPU machine in Orion (see below)

·          Windows Server Polling (non SNMP) – since SNMP is not on by default on Windows, this now gives users the option to discover and poll Windows machines using WMI

·          Improved Topology (more accurate ConnectNow) – we are removing the dependency that Network Sonar must be used to gather topology, it will now be a polling job.  Also we have greatly improved the accuracy of L2 topology and added in L3 support.

·          Network Atlas performance improvements – faster loading of maps in the web console

·          Procurve 420 support – more out of the box Wireless support

·          Juniper router native support – Memory and CPU

·          Juniper SSG/ISG sub-interfaces support

·          Interface availability reports and views

·          Dependency Improvements (Interfaces can now be placed in a Group that is a child in a dependency and will mark themselves as unreachable if their parent is down and they themselves detect that they should be down.  Prior releases ignored this relationship)

·          Differentiated control for the retention of the wireless data in the database


More on these features in these blog posts:




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