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NOC View using node details URLs

Hi, is it possible to have a noc-view that rotates through a number of individual node details pages ?

I have 6 servers that need to be monitored in a noc view style. I have edited the node details pages to have all the relevant info at the top of the page. I would like to take the URL and then enable a noc view on it.


Is it possible ?

Am i making any sense ?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Interesting @kip1979 - I saw that this was posted on Redit as well so hopefully we can help answer here and share the response over.  First, you mentioned that you have edited the node details pages to have all relevant info at the top of the page.  What is that info?  What are you wanting to see on each server?

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Hi, yeah that was me posting over @reddit as well. I managed to get the data i wanted.

I setup a new noc-view then limited the output to the required nodes - as was suggested @reddit

I then displayed the CPU, Memory and interface details for the group of nodes i required in a noc-view.


The original query came from a colleague who asked me to produce a dashboard of all our SharePoint servers so that they could be monitored by someone who isn't a solarwinds user. I created a local account and added the new noc-view to it. If there's any other suggestions then please let me know