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Level 12

NOC Hurricane/Weather Map

Is it possible to create a map in Orion that has weather radar-like functionality? For instance, I have this map i made in network atlas:


I then have a custom HTML widget that just pulls in a resource from Weather Underground that has a radar of the US going in a loop (see here). I basically want to combine these two maps, but i'm not sure how to go about doing that. i was thinking about laying one over another in photoshop or something, but i wanted to see if anyone else had a better solution for this.



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Level 13

As far as I can tell, there's no way to tell Network Atlas to pull the background from a URL, which makes it difficult to incorporate Weather Underground's map in real time.

You could have a background process that regularly retrieves the Weather Underground map and saves it on the Solarwinds server. Use that file as the background of your Network Atlas map. I tested this approach and it works. However, the WU map does not animate when used as a background this way.

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that's a good idea, but unfortunately i am really looking to include the radar animation.

Thanks for your suggestion. 

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There is a way to do this but it’s through the world map and not within network atlas
Search for weather map solarwinds world map
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