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NAT device monitoring

Here at SD we are monitoring our devices with a home grown tool called the Business Access Portal (BAP) which does ping, some low level SNMP monitoring and provides our ticket generation for our support organization. 


Today the BAP can access multiple site devices with the same IP addresses.   The way we are doing this with our BAP is using NAT on the gateways with a specific TCP port assigned after each public IP address.   For example we have a gateway device which is doing the routing into each site which we can reach with a public IP address (  Under each gateway there is a private address space ( being used to monitor the LAN and WLAN devices at each site.  We are also using ACL’s in the gateway to allow SNMP from specific devices to each gateway which then will allow the monitoring of the LAN and WLAN devices.


Today we can monitor the gateways with no problem but I was wondering if Orion can be configured in any way to monitor the LAN and WLAN devices under each gateway using this configuration since we have over 2000 instances of this configuration and it would be quite a project to get it reconfigured for monitoring the traditional way.  If not are there any plans to maybe implement this type of functionality in the future.


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Each node in an Orion poller will need to have a unique IP address associated with it.

We have several customers that are using overlapping private IP addresses and the way we accomplish this is very similar to you if not the same.  We use a NAT box where each customer private IP address is translated to a unique IP for Orion to monitor; basically doing static one-to-one NAT.

Hope this helps!

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If I understand your question correctly, you basically want to know if you can configure individual SNMP port numbers other than the default for individual nodes?  ie. poll device_1 at and device_2 at  Then, yes, you can configure a specific port for polling SNMP for a specific device.  ICMP will be a different story.

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When we tried this what happened was the 1st device was over written by the second device when it was discovered.

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If that happened you are not using static one-to-one NAT.  You can't have multiple devices translating to the same IP address, that won't work because Orion just sees the single translated IP address and doesn't know that it's being translated to several different systems.

If you use a static one-to-one NAT this won't be a problem.

How do you tell your current NMS that a single translated IP address is actually several different systems?

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Oh crap!  Brain fart here.  Sorry, Byron is right - while you can change the port that is used to poll a device, each device must have a unique IP (ie. an address can only be monitored one time).

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