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My automated topologies are inaccurate

Hi All,


I've just taken ownership of our Network & Telephony team and I'm starting the process of getting out monitoring, configuration management and reporting cleaned up.  I've started building a new Orion Map to both document and monitor our core networks, however the automated topologies that Solarwinds has identified is totally incorrect.

I've seen that I can manually create topology connections in the Orion Maps, but I don't know how to remove the connections it identified itself.  So 2 real questions:

1. How do I manage those automated topology connections?  I've only seen how to enable/disable L2 or L3 topology polling per device.

2. How do I delete automated topology connections that Solarwinds has identified?


All of the marked links don't actually exist, and solarwinds has made connections on ports that don't line up with CDP neighbors. 


Thanks in advance!

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It doesn't just use CDP neighbors to get what the neighbors are, it can use other things like routing tables, arp tables and such.  So the question is why does it think those devices are neighbors.  The only problem I've had is it not finding neighbors though, I've never found instances of where it finds connections that don't exist.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

@david.cramp - The connections represented in Orion Maps are based on the connections discovered and identified in NPM. It might be good to take a look at the connections identified through the NPM Topology Widget. Typically this can be found by default on the Network Tab of any details page. 


If there are unexpected connections there. I recommend opening a case with support to investigate. If there are custom connections there, you should be able to delete those connections within Orion Map Editor. 


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