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Multiple pollers - one graph

I've spoken with Solarwinds staff about this before, but wanted to post it here to try and generate further interest.  I'd like the ability to be able to put more than one poller on a single graph.  This should encompass not only multiple pollers for a single host, but also multiple pollers from multiple hosts (for a summary-type view).  A couple examples of how this would come in handy:

1.  We have several interfaces that connect to our upstream providers.  We currently use Cacti to put all those interfaces' traffic stats into a single graph, with each provider a different color.  See pic for example.  The graph shows both in/out with inbound traffic on the "positive" side and outbound traffic on the "negative" side.

2.  I use Cacti to poll our DNS servers for failed queries vs. successful queries vs. NXDOMAIN responses.  Putting them all into a single graph would not only save real estate on the page, but also make it much easier to see the differences in scale of all pollers.  Same holds true for disk I/O read/writes - it doesn't make sense to have two separate graphs for this.  Some might also want to poll other interface-based stats that aren't already polled by Orion, which have separate OIDs for in/out - another example of unnecessarily needing to create two graphs.

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