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Level 9

Multiple Scheduled Maintenance windows for a device

Is there a way to have multiple entries scheduled for maintenance for a device?

i.e.,  we have a device that has downtime Monday and Thursday of same week.

It appears to me when you schedule Maintenance mode from the Manage Nodes view, the last one you enter is the only active window.



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Level 11

I was presented with a similar issue...

Server in use between 9 AM and 7 PM M-F. Server is turned off and unmanaged at all other times.

I tried using the unschedule utility, but the scheduled task kept failing, most likely due to the weekday and weekend schedule.

I was able to resolve the issue by creating an alert that triggered outside of 9 AM and 7 PM M-F and on Saturday and Sunday.

I then created 2 SQL queries to Manage and Unmanange the groups of servers, and then called them with the Execute an External Program action.

Trigger action unmanages, reset action manages the servers again.

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Was wondering if you can share the sql statements and  the process flow. Thx

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Level 8

I agree that there should be an easier way to schedule multiple maintenance events.  For our team the issue is when we have multiple maintenance events over the weekends.  For example, 4 hours downtime on Saturday and another 4 hours on Sunday.  Either I come in on my weekend to create a new schedule to mute alerts for the second event after the first is over, set a single event that would cover both events and hope nothing happens during the up-time in between, or use the "Unmanaged Schedule Utility" to unmanage when I would prefer to just mute.

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Level 13

This will be done on "Unmanage Schedule Utility"

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Thanks for the info Marilyn, I looked into this utility, and it appears to be the correct approach with current tools available.

It will work, although overly cumbersome, in my opinion, and not sure I can roll this out to wider NOC usage as they wont have access to create Windows tasks. 

Extending the Mute Alerts capability to multiple date/time entries would be ideal for our situation.