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Moving and Upgrading SQL

I've got a new server with SQL 2005 Standard installed and want to move our NPM and NCM DB's from there exisitng SQL 2000 server to this new box, is it just a case of moving the DB's and then re-running the configurator for NPM and NCM?

Would doing the move as part of the upgrade to NPM v9.1 cause any issues?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Level 19

I wouldn't expect any issues from that. Moving the databases, doing the upgrade, then specifying the new db server when the 9.1 config wizard asks should work fine.

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Just make sure your DB Server is on RAID 1+0 for its best performance.

Till the time you have a good and latest database backup copy you should not have any issues.

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 If I remember correctly, I had to manually create and set permissions for my SolarWindsNPM user when I moved from 2000->2005.


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 I moved the DB fine and tested under v9, which worked fine. Then upgraded to 9.1 and everything worked.

 Thanks to everyone for there input.

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