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Monitoring the monitoring system

Hello All,

I've tried to take a look at the different forums and the Solarwinds support page but haven't seen any entries on if anyone has found an efficient way of monitoring the Orion application. Or maybe I just happened to miss it...

My company has two different instances of Solarwinds Orion running and they happen to monitor each other. Basically if one of the main services stop working on one of the application servers, the other one can see that and send out an SMS alert out to our technicians. We are consolidating down to a single instance of Solarwinds Orion so now I have to try to find a way to possibly monitor the single application server. Is this at all possible with the single Orion or does anyone know of any cost effective way of monitoring the application server?



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Level 9

I am not aware of a method via Orion, but you can find free tools or leverage existing monitoring tools you may have to watch the Orion services.  Obviously, these are not as robust as Orion itself, but can give you basic notification if the 'monitor' goes down.

Level 12

I have a single instance of Orion, and we monitor it via the "Orion Services" SAM template, applied to the primary and additional pollers, configured to page out to my cellphone if there's an issue. However this won't catch an issue where the alerting service on the primary goes offline. But at that point one of the staff in the NOC would probably be contacting me.

Yeah, I will be implementing that once our secondary Orion finally gets shutdown. So far it has been a while since the application server has had any issues (knock on wood) so the SMS flurries have been quiet.

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