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Monitoring an Azure Windows Virtual Machine from on-site NPM?

I've just started a new job at a company that has a few Virtual Machines running Server 2012 R2 hosted on Azure.
For some of them, we have a site to cloud VPN so I've added them to NPM and am polling them ok through the tunnel.

For another server, there's no VPN so I'm trying to poll it over the internet.
In the Azure control panel, I've created a custom Endpoint passing UDP traffic from a public port 16161 to the private port 161.
On the VM itself the firewall is set to allow SNMP traffic through the firewall, but I still can't add it to NPM using

Has anyone successfully monitored Azure machines over the internet in this fashion, and did you have to do anything different?



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I would like to monitor our Windows cloud instances via SNMP as well.  Actually, I would love to use the SW agent, however our cloud team has expressed concerns about resource overhead.  I'm starting the process of testing SNMP on an AWS instance running Win Server 2008 R2, however I've run into the issue of the instance ignoring our SW server because its name is not resolving and to my knowledge there's no way to get cloud DNS servers to resolve local LAN names to private IPs.  Has anyone gotten past this issue?

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Honestly, I haven't used SNMP on Windows in a long time. Look at the section called "Agent resource consumption" (near the bottom of the page) to find estimated resource overhead. It is significantly low.

SolarWinds Orion agent requirements - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Agent resource consumption

CPULess than 1% on average under normal operating conditions (0.24% on average)
Memory10 - 100 MB, depending on the number and types of jobs

Roughly 20% (on average) of the bandwidth consumed by the WMI protocol for transmission of the same information

For example, agents use approximately 1.3 kB/s versus WMI at 5.3 kB/s.

Also, the latest version of Server & Application Monitor​ supports Azure cloud monitoring

Orion 2017.3 feature: Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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The Orion Agent works great for this.  I have several systems in Azure now that we are monitoring with the agent and it works great.

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The SolarWinds Windows Agent is going to be the best option for your scenario. You'll need to manually install the agent on the remote machine and ensure your SolarWinds server has a public IP with port 17778 open. Ensure it's setup for 'agent initiated' communication.

This link outlines deploying the agent in Amazon's cloud, but the instructions are the same for azure.

Manually deploy a Windows agent on Amazon Web Services - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Thanks. I'll have a read through that later and give it a go this week.

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