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Monitoring Virtual NICs-VMware ESX

Has anybody been able to get the monitoring of virtual NICS (i.e. vmnic0, vmnic1, etc) on a VMWare ESX host working with NPM? They get discovered but show a staus of red/down even though they are active. We would like to see the net traffic of each individual virtual node to see how the network resources are being utilized.
Thanks in advance,
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I believe I have the same issue. The VM Ware interfaces show up as Unknown & the loopback shows up as Up.

Unknown_____________AMD PCNET Family PCI Ethernet Adapter
Up__________________MS TCP Loopback interface

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Did you ever found a solution to this particular problem???


I have exctlly the same problem in 3 of 4 VM servers. The 3 servers that do not report are running 3.0.1,32039 but the newest one,is running 3.0.1 89840. This is the only difference I can found between them and in the last I can get data of all the vmnicx interfaces. Unlike the other 3 machines. I only get statistics on vswif0 (the management virtual switch).


Any ideas??

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I would love to monitor this also.

All of the Virtual NICs are up, but there is no traffic showing.


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maybe you should raise a support request? I can monitor the virtual nics on our Orion install and see utilization so maybe theres something wrong with yours?





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Same here under 9.0 sp2 I can see all virtual nics up and running. 

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Thought I would update this post with an answare to this issue. It has to do with the Updates apply to the ESX server . We are running 4 servers and they all have ver. 3.0.1 but with different levels of patches. Those that are patch up to 32039 are not showing any activity on the NIC and the performance graphs show incorrectly. While servers running 77862 or newer are work fine.

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