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Monitoring SUSE Linux Ent. Server 11 SP2 (SLES)

Our Unix/Linux sysadmin is concerned that NPM does not report the memory use on one of our Linux servers correctly.  I have a case open, but from my understanding there is no way to do this in a way that's useful to us, in SolarWinds.  I think what we want is a way see the amount of RAM actually available for applications.   Apparently NetSNMP has a limitation in the way it reports memory use such that we always think it's nearly out.  Anyway has anybody ever run into this and figured out a way to address it?  I read the material about "Creating a Linux/Unix Script Monitor" in the Orion manual, but I don't speak much Linux so I'm not sure that's what we need.  The command we seem to be interested in is free -mt.  Thanks!

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We have this issue with Net-SNMP all the time in our AIX and Linux environments.  We use SAM and the Linux Memory Monitor Perl Script that comes with SAM, or you can find on the content exchange.  I don't think you can get NPM to execute scripts and report statistics, so you might have to spin up an eval of SAM and show management what it can do for you on top of NPM.

I would start with that, and from there you can tweak the script to use different commands and report different statistics.  Using one of these base scripts to see what is going on and how they work, and what you would need to change to start using different commands.  These have helped me a ton and given our system guys the actual statistics they want to see.

Thanks for the answer, Richard.  My Linux sysadmin still wants to try to see if we can get NPM to do this, via the Linux/Unix script component.  I got reminded that I had said SW could monitor these OS's, when I made a pitch to upgrade to the newest version.  So I guess I better try to make it work.  I'll check out SAM, though, in the meantime!

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