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Monitoring Dashboard (NOC View) - Ideas/Suggestions

Hi Guys,

I've been tasked with reviewing our current monitoring solution and dashboards. What I have found is our monitoring dashboards (NOC View) aren't very clear.

We're using the latest version of all of the Solarwinds components (NPM, WPM and SAM).

We have TVs setup to show the state of our environment but it flicks through a two screens, both are Solarwinds dashboards (NOC View)

I would like to know how you've used Solarwinds to give you clear, single pane of glass dashboards for your support teams to look at.

The teams concerned are Infrastructure and Networks - So that's two different dashboards.

Ideally, screenshots of some boards would be fab!

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Level 12

I'm just wanting to kick the dust off the old main orion page that we have had for years that is looking pretty tired by this point.

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This has been going on for years now - 23 pages of views and Idea's (maybe more by the time you click on it)

Show us a NOC view and (don't ) get 500 thwack points (we still want to see, points no longer awarde...

I find that the number one issue I have with my clients is they don't filter the dashboards down to actionable info only.  It seems like many of them just throw everything up there to make it look full.  I'd post screenshots but almost everything at my current client is completely custom SWQL and I feel like it would be an unfair tease to show things that very few people could execute on.

For some examples of pretty decent dashboard ideas there was a contest a few years ago that i found inspirational

Rock The NOC

Also a lot of really good examples in this thread

Show us your Network Atlas maps!

- Marc Netterfield, Github

They should do that contest again so the new features could be implemented and shown off.