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Monitoring Citrix Netscaler with NPM

We have a Citrix enviornment with Netscaler 10.1. We would like to monitor the state of our services on the netscaler and the virtual servers that we have added. Netscaler creates custom OID's for the Virtual server and services, but this seems to be a large undertaking in adding each OID and trying to map the correct value that it gives such as "7" for a state of UP.

I was curious how others are monitoring their netscaler environment. I see a few shared pollers for Xendesktop but I am looking more to monitoring the connections and virtual servers/services from the device.


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Yes from me.

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Bump! i would love to see this feature

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I have set up Universal Pollers which poll different MIBs to gather the following.  My goal is to monitor all SSL Certs for days to expire, monitor the status of all realservers, and monitor the total number of connections per VIP.

This is what I have mine looking like now as I pound through making Orion display the info correctly.


This is a new deployment which will have around 200 VIPs.  Monitoring like this is going to be near impossible to determine SSL expiration times.  In any case all these can be found by searching for NetScaler Universal Poller.

If anyone has a better way of displaying this information I'd be open to suggestions.

do you have the Cert UnDP's setup as Tabular Pollers? If not change them and add the Tabular Poller Resource to your page for the node then edit and check your boxes.

Specifically :

sslCertKeyName (


sslDaysToExpire (

They will Line up by RowID and show a full table of all Certs. In your screenshot you have 4 Cert Names and 3 Days to Expire, which indicates they might be single pollers. In a situation where the table will grow with as many entries that are created a Tabular Poller Setup will work better.

Then Alert on the Days to Expire being Less than X. You should at least be able to give the Node Name in the alert if the CertKeyName is too much to pull into the Alert Email.

You could do the same with the VSVR Full name and VSVR IP - change IP Poller to table and setup a separate Tabular Poller module and select those pollers.

*I do recommend setting up a unique Node Details display for your device type or Vendor so these additions do not affect your default node details page.

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It would be awesome to be able to see AppFlow and see services, vIPs, etc.

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I too would like to see this integrated with Orion with more than just up or down status.

Would be nice if Netscaler supported netflow.

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Sad to see NetScalers ignored for so long by SolarWinds NPM. The SNMP OIDs for all the data is well documented:

NetScaler SNMP OID Reference

It's really just a matter of implementation from someone at SolarWinds. In the product roadmap for NPM it mentions "Deep Visibility into F5 load balancers". But where's the NetScaler love?   There's a somewhat broad idea already listed that I guess includes NetScalers: . But there is nothing specific for NetScalers in general. So I created one.

Vote this up if you're interested in seeing better NetScaler support in NPM! . Kinda sad that it has to come to that. SolarWinds should be staying on top of market leaders in different areas and just work on providing better monitoring for it. It's more likely that someone will trial NPM, see that it doesn't get the info they want, then just abandon it instead of actually submiting a feature request, or look for an existing one and vote for it.

THIS. During the upgrade training this past Friday - this got ALOT of attention from the chat participants. The mod's and Product Managers (from my perspective) seemed generally surprised by how many people were asking about NetScalers - so that tells me that 1. Its more than just the 7 people on this thread. 2. Its a viable possibility; IF we can get people paying attention to it.

I was/am curious to know how they picked F5 and like ServiceNow to add in - were those feature requests? Polls? Market Research? Similarly how they choose what AppInsight thing to build in next.

Regardless - share that link people. I'm going to ask my fellow MVPs to vote it up. Well done chadsikorra

We have several customers using the Netscalers, so far we doing pretty simple SNMP monitoring of the devices, but it would be great to get more detailed info out of them, the Citrix team would love that.

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Netscaler does send out SNMP traps when a monitor detects a server change state (to up or down) and we're alerting on these, but we're not doing it through Orion. If your Orion receives SNMP traps, you could certainly use these to make it work.
You should be able to add in Monitor DOWN and Monitor UP to detect the change in state, but if you're looking at monitoring more details, yes this could definitely become a large undertaking.

We are receiving syslog events for the services going up or down, but Solarwinds does not support the standard alerting features on this. There is a basic set of alerts you can setup directly on the syslog viewer application, but this does not work for us since sometimes the monitors have a false positive alert going down for a few seconds, or during the backup window. The alerting on the syslog viewer application does not give you the same normal alerting that Orion has.

We are still trying to figure out the best way to monitor this. The syslog events does help, but still dont have active alerting that will work for our situation, since you cant really add if then statements to the syslog viewer alerting.

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It would seem that there would be a way to use some custom table pollers to query for virtual servers and their status.  I don't really have experience building such a poller, only using them and building alerts from them, but perhaps I can try to look into it.

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We are unable to get any real monitoring of our netscaler and we are currently examining Nagios, and several other alternatives to replace solarwinds since they have no plans to ever add in netscalers, nimble sans and numerous other devices.

Have you tried using SNMP Walking and UNDPs?

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I would love to hear what people are doing here.  I can't seem to get this working

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I second this question, you can monitor all other parts of a Citrix environment with existing SolarWinds solutions but not the NetScalers. I suspect it would be that an agent needs to be designed to interface with the Orion server and it is only a matter of time before we see something come out if there's not already and we are just missing it.