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Monitoring 3rd Party Cloud Solutions

So with everything going on in the world like most companies mine is working 100% remotely.  We are transitioning more and more resources to cloud bases SaaS products.  One of the products we are currently deploying is Webex.  We noticed some performance issues today within Ciscos own Webex monitoring tools for end user video quality.  While the Cisco web interface offers more than enough monitoring tools, its also another piece of software to configure and utilize which we are currently trying to reduce.  Is it currently possible or will it be possible in the future to monitor 3rd party cloud solutions such as Cisco webex for performance or metrics?

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Most saas and cloud vendors have an API available specifically for us to be able to integrate custom tools with them. Right now in Orion they have the SAM custom api poller that's been rolled out over the last couple releases. I think the goal with that is to have the community start building and sharing the various integrations that we find ourselves needing.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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