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Monitor external website

This seems like it would be such an easy thing to do  - but not for me.:-(

So I created a node and called it "Solarwinds" used polling address and set it to External Node: No status.

I then created a SAM Template called "External Website Check) and added to monitors HTTP & Weblink, I then added my "Solarwinds" node to test against.

I get "Unable to connect to the remote server", We have no idea why it doesn't work.

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Level 10

It the IP of the node externally accessible or is this an internal IP? If it's internal, is IE on the polling server set to bypass an outbound proxy for that IP address? From the polling server, manually browse to the page you want to get to and copy that value from IE to the HTTP Monitor URL value.

Let me know if any of that helps.


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add node.JPG

test node.JPG

test node 1.JPG
When you say node this is an external website (in this instance and is available as per any other internet browsing activity via our proxy servers. The polling engines can access the internet through our proxy servers only.

See attached picture's, sorry theres a few of them.

Is IE on your poller set with a proxy setting?  If so, is that same setting in place on your HTTP template?  If not, does the template also lack a proxy server setting?  Can you set user agent in template?  If so, perhaps set to exactly what your server's version of IE is.

Thanks for screenshots.  I doubted you and feel obliged to provide a...a...doh! beer emoticons.

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I've been trying to get him to do that (browse from server's IE).  No luck yet.

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Can the browser on your SolarWinds server browse to that URL successfully?

Do you intend for a SolarWinds server to query itself for web functionality?  If so, have you considered monitoring by a private IP/ internal DNS (does your server have an inside interface/ private IP)?

Edit:  It seems may be  So this is not a matter of the server's browser accessing a local resource.  Quite likely the server's browser can't browse the internet freely unless security posture is very lacking.

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All we want to do is see if an external website is there , We can browse to the SW website with no issue's, it seems that the SAM template does not work (but then we could be missing the point of the template)

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Please post a picture of your SolarWinds server's Internet Explorer successfully browsing to the URL in question.

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website access.JPG from primary polling engine.

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I see. I am assuming you have set the proxy details in the 'Use Proxy' setting. If the proxy also requires authentication, you must set the credentials for this component.

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Hmmm....I had hoped you were in denial or misleading us.  That is strange.

Sounds silly, but how about an HTTPS monitor in SAM (I's HTTP/80 traffic...nonetheless).

Port 443 (yours would be 80 of course)


Host Request:  GET

  Follow Redirect:  Follow

Use Proxy:   (?)

Search String:  solarwinds

I took a working HTTPS monitor we use for an internal resource and provided settings.  I realize it's not HTTPS traffic.  As this works for me, perhaps will work for you?

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I'm having the exact same issue.  The URL reports as "down" via SW SAM.  The other issue I have is that the base URL redirects out to akamai.

John L.

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‌can u export your template and attach it to your reply? any proxy server required for the browser to get out to the internet?

Yes proxy server required .

The templates are the standard SW build in ones.

From SAM

Web Link

HTTP Monitor

For some reason I cannot upload files , will check with our security folks.

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