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Level 8

Monitor/Report Print Job History/Lifecycle

Morning Thwack Community! I tried searching around and I believe I may not be using the right key words, or even proper terminology, but in short, I'm looking to see if SolarWinds NPM or SAM is capable of reporting the print job history of individual printers that I've added as nodes to the database, via SNMP. It would be tremendously helpful to report back to top management with proof of how excessively we print and waste paper, ink and toner with a fancy graph/chart/report of each printer and it's history by month/year. We have many many printer, thousands, and while I only have about 100 added to NPM for now, I'd like to add more in there if there is a direct benefit through print job reporting as well.

So...there ya go! Any help here would be greatly appreciated. My only other thought is to use SAM to monitor for print event logs on the printer servers, but then there is still the hassle of trying to digest that information into a feasible, management friendly report!

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Level 17

What printer metrics are you looking to collect? There are a few UnDPs available that may be useful- EX: UnDPs for printer toner, page count, and supply kit levels

I'd like to gather (at first) only the page count printed, and if possible, broken into a timeline of sorts (by month, year, lifetime, etc). I will check out those UnDPs for sure though! Thanks Rob!

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