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Migration of alerts to Orion help - Page/SMS fro SNMP Traps

I am in ther process of migrating all alerts from an old SNMPc console to orion and moving SMS alerts from old software and modem to new PageGate and 3G dongle.

I have migrated most alerts mixture of polling and traps, but when adding actions to a trap rule there is no option to add a pager/sms action?

Is there an easy way around this - i use standard ascii for SMS alerts which PageGate polls the ascii folder looking for files .asc

Are there plans for the actions to match alert actions so that i can page/sms?

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Level 17

Potentially a quick script could be fired from the trap alert to invoke PageGate: PageGate Version 6 Documentation - Command line reference

We do have plans of migrating alerting to the web and homogenizing the functionality:What are we working on after NPM 10.6

Thanks Rob, I have got this working - the next problem is that the data from the temperature sensor come through unformatted - so ${vbdata2) is say 2400, but i need it to be /10 so that is pages 24.00c - any way of doing this?

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