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Level 9

Migrating NPM 12.1 Main Poller

I am working on a project to migrate all three of my pollers to new hardware. But the first one I am doing is the main poller. It is getting a new name but same IP. I will be following the migration documentation but I had a question. What am I supposed to do with my additional web server and two additional pollers while the main one is down and being working on? It doesn't say anything about that situation in the documentation.

Thank you!

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Level 15

during the migration your additional pollers and web engines will be inaccessible. you can either leave them online and they will reconnect after the migration is completed or you can stop services on all of them and then restart them after you have the new primary polling engine fully operational. either way you should be fine.

I personally tend to stop all services, but that's just a preference really.


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Level 12 seems to me that the only way to do it would be to schedule complete down time...deactivate the licenses..install the software on the new hardware and add the licenses to those pollers

If you have extra licenses, then you could just rebuild the hardware with those licenses while the other systems were up, but I'm assuming you do not

I don't know of any other options...I suppose you could use the eval version to install the new hardware and then deactivate the licenses and add them to the new hardware

I am fine with taking down the entire environment. But am I supposed to stop all of the services on the pollers so there is no corruption or anything along those lines?

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I would say to be safe you should bring down all services, but I couldn't foresee any issue with them being up...once that main poller went down the additional pollers would lose their master so it probably wouldnt matter...the data would just not get polled...polling is a pull whereas NTA is a push from the node...and since nodes can only get polled from one poller it probably doesnt matter