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Level 7

Meraki Location

We run our WAN in a hybrid setup where we have both traditional Cisco and Meraki devices. For our Cisco devices we group them using the SNMP Server Location field as seen below.

Solarwinds SNMP loc.JPG

Meraki does not have this field so they come in as unknown. We are able to move them into the AMER region that we set but still as unknown. Does anyone no if we can override this?


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Level 17

If you have devices that are not returning the SNMP Location, then it would be best to setup a Custom Property for location, site, build, etc. to highlight that detail. Once you have the details in place adjust your ajax to use the Custom Property that was setup instead of the SNMP Location.

If you look at your node details under the location and contact and find those populated they should be available for use in the Ajax. If they are blank, then you would need to login to the device and see if you have the option to set the SNMP Location so you can get that detail for the AJAX to use instead of having it show unknown.


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