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Menu bar missing on HTTPS site

We are not able to access XUI framework while using SSL from F5 but when we use http and https with cert on server, it is working well.
All views which are using XUI framework are not working while using F5 based SSL.

We have configured web server to use http and https with company wildcard cert. is on F5 LB which also do SSL offload and Load balancing.
Kindly reply if anyone have same setup or any solution for this.


@aLTeReGo @mesverrum 

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Thanks for reply. I reviewed these articles and we have issue with only Apollo UI which is not working properly with F5 LB based SSL.

We are not using Authorisation rules and web proxy.
There are few files (i.e. appolloisolate) with server code call which adds http port with URL which causing the issue.
Is there any recommendations on configuration for SolarWinds AWS Load balancing on F5 ?

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We moved SSL on Server from LB and now menu bar is showing. Still have issue with Load balancing of additional web server as that is causing frequent session time out issue, even after disabling from website.
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