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Level 7

Menu Bar and Views

I've been tinkering with Menu Bars and Views to set things up in such a way as to be useful for our Help Desk. The problem is that I cannot find a way to add a new View to a Menu Bar.

I've been all over the FAQ's, KB and admin guide, and nowhere do I find this mentioned. It seems rather silly that I can create and/or modify all the Views that I want but have no way to display them.

I'm running v8.01 and see no reason to upgrade as this issue is not addressed. I've put in a ticket but have not received a response.

Anu thoughts?

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Level 7

That's It! Thank you, oh so much!
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Level 13

I think I might see your issue... Have you tried to Add Custom Menu Item down at the bottom
I generally have two browsers open (1 for the view I want to add, the other for the custom menu)

you only have to do this once (per custom view)
Admin > Customize Menu Bars > Edit (under any menu you have already created) > + sign > Add Custom Menu Item

The /NetPerfMon/Admin/AddCustomMenuItem.asp?MenuName=XXX screen pops up.

Name it XXXX
Post the "new view" paste the custom view's URL in the URL box
Give it a good description

Now it's in the Select Menu Items to add to xxxx Menu Bar

John J. Times
Level 7

I'm logging in as Admin, and the Admin account does have Customize abililty.

To amplify the issue a little further, when I go into "Select Menu Items to add to xxx Menu Bar," the Views that I've created are not there.

I didn't have this issue with v7, I did quite a bit of customizing.
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Level 7

On your new menubar item your URL needs to look like this /NetPerfMon/View.asp?ViewName=your view eg: /NetPerfMon/View.asp?ViewName=Server Summary Then just give it a name plus an optional description and make sure you actually add it to the menubar.
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Level 13

Not trying to sound silly here, but are you logged in as admin, or as yourself with admin rights?

whichever way you are logged in check the permissions in Allow Account to Customize Views...

Customize Menu Bars should be the sixth option from the top left hand section of the Admin view.

Have you tried to create a new menu bar?

John J. Times
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Level 7

Yeah, the first thing I did was double-check that I'm in advanced mode. I can't add a View that I've created to a Menu Bar in Basic or Advanced mode.

Thanks for trying to help me out, though. I appreciate it.
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Level 13

Are you in Advanced Mode?

From the Admin screen make sure it has the following text near the top:
There are many customization features and options. We suggest you use the Admin section in Basic Mode for a while until you become familiar with customizing Views and creating User Accounts. You can change to Advanced Mode once you are comfortable with the customization options and features. You are currently in Advanced Mode. "

If you are not in Advanced Mode go to Admin > Settings, and change the Allow Advanced Customization to Yes, and then click submit...

Advanced Customization allows you to create your own Menu Bars and Views.
Enabling Advanced Customization will also allow you to define a different
set of Views for each Account and set Warning and Error Thresholds for various statistics.
More Charts and Resources are also available when Advanced Customization is enabled.

Then got to:

Customize Views

Each Network Performance Monitor View can be customized. You can select which charts and device properties are displayed on each View.

Switching to Advanced Mode will enable many more available Resources that can be placed on each view. Advanced Mode also allows you to create new views.

Create the View first, and save it...

Customize MenuBars

This panel is only available in Advanced Mode. The MenuBars at the top of each page can be modified. You can add your own Menu Items and create new Menu Bars. Each Account can have a different MenuBar. Select the MenuBar for each Account from the Account Manager.

The majority of this text is directly taken from the Orion Web server Admin view.

John J. Times
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