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Level 8

Memory utilization above 100% - the n-th

 I've searched the forum, the manual and the KB but couldn't figure out how I should  handle values above 100%.

Can you tell me if I'm right or how I should interprete that. 

The CPU & Memory counts both, physical & virtual memory.

So I have some devices  with eg. 45% util. and some with 1500%.

Are the both true if it's nearly the same hardware (mainly Nokia)? I'm not sure where I can trust Orion and where i can't.

If I create reports it's impossible to to compare values above 100 .

Should I use "real memory" instead? Is this the correct phys. mem. utilization?  

Or is there something wrong with my MIB configuration (still default settings)


How do deal with such "situations" best?

thx in advance for you help


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Level 17

 Percent Memory Utilization within Orion NPM is based on real memory AND swap space. If a device has 100MB of memory and is using 90MB, then the percent memory used will be reported as 90%.

If it is using 100MB, then percent memory used will be reported as 100%. However, if the device is using 100MB of memory (all of it) AND 50MB of swap space, then the percent memory used will be reported as 150%.

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Level 7

If the above statements are true, why does Orion still look at both and combine them.  When I write up a report on memory utilization and it states that a server is at 180% memory utilization management looks at me like I am crazy.  Why doesn't solarwinds split this up and have physical and virtual memory seperatly polled so that we can stop having these issues.  These numbers are absolutely useless in this form.  I would like to have seperate values or be able to split them myslef to provide some useful stats to management.

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Level 19

Orion pulls its info from the Host Resources MIB, and this is how it reports that data.  In Orion APM, we're able to separate the data.  Also, if you can find another MIB for your device that separates the two types of memory, then you can use the Universal Device Poller to get that information for alerts.

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Level 7

No solution yet?

UnDP will deal with alerting but would'nt the TOP 10s be affected? What is the process through UnDP?

The console is unnecessarily red!

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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Level 8

thx, but still I'm not sure in which case this >100% Values are usefull? (in combination with the exact phys. &  virtl. amount used - ok, but for basic monitoring?)

If I want to set an alert for high RAM usage (eg. 90%), I need to monitor "Real Memory" an Nokia Boxes.

But on Windows Clients I don't have "Real memory" but on some machines (win2003) "Physical Memory".

On the Cisco Switches I don't have either these values .

So do I have to create separate  memory alerts for any vendor?

How can I create a report comparing the memory usage of ALL nodes and how can I be sure that I took the right parameters?

I'm rather new to SNMP and all of features and quirks so I'd be grateful for any good link or reading 🙂

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