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Memory threshold for high memory usage servers


By default on Oracle servers and F5 LTMs all memory is allocated which according to NPM SNMP poll is a high usage and can  Can we have a separate set of thresholds using NPM to ignore a few servers. I noticed that the threshold is changed at a global level.

Isn't there a way to monitor CPU and memory seperately. Currently Memory is grouped with monitor which does not help ignoring memory on these high usage systems.

Can we setup different thresholds for different set of servers using NPM (Not APM)? For ex: High usage threshold (Critical 98%) that I can apply to Oracle and LTM systems and normal (85% critical) for windows sver.

Any one?

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Level 13

Now this is part of NPM 10.7 RC1 Now Available

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I also have a similar requirement.

The percentage based thresholds are often not too relevant when dealing with large disks. A 90% disk utilization level on a  4TB disk still flags up when in reality there is ample space available. It would be great to have the ability to adjust this on a server basis by overriding the global setting.

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Level 7

Has there been any progress on this topic?  I have the same problem.

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As do I.

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I think that the threshold you are talking about is only for changing the color to red in the web interface when it goes beyond that level.  If this is what you are talking about; that is only aesthetic to suggest it may be worth looking at.

You can setup threshold alerts for different levels in the Advanced Alert Manager.  Use a Custom Property on your nodes like "High Memory Consumption", then when you create your two different threshold alerts in the Advanced Alert manager you can call out that Custom Property as a filter.

Does that help?

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Thanks for getting back to me on this Byron.

Though its only about the color but it is bound to the threshold.


I have a 24x7 NOC which looks at the screen for any alerts and I dont want them to get seasoned looking at reds and yellows all the time. Advanced alerting is only for email which I can handle.

Its using the normal visual views of Top 10, etc which are a problem for me.

Ideally what I want is that if I choose top 10, I should only see my windows server which have the threshold of 85-90 and and any oracle server if its between 98 and 100%.



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I have the same problem.

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Level 7

Anyone with a workaround or solution for this?

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Hi Genesys--

I'm going to research this and get back to you.


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