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Mass change status and response time polling from ICMP to SNMP?

Hey everyone,

For various reasons, we are looking to chance our up/down polling from ICMP to SNMP. I know how to change this on a device by device basis under List Resources, but I prefer not to have to do this for 3,000 devices. Is there a way to accomplish this en masse?


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Level 9

Has there been any fix for this?

I need to change all servers from ICMP to SNMP.

I cannot do a rediscovery as I would have to configure my devices again.

Anyone got a quick and easy way to configure multiple servers from ICMP to SNMP?

- Wess

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pre 10.7:

a) enable SNMP polling generally on the nodes

b) combination of:

1. write a program to add the missing pollers and/or interfaces

2. use the pollerchecker tool to add the missing pollers (C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\PollerCheckerTool.exe)

3. use the node discovery to add the missing interfaces/volumes

4. Hire a student over the summer to point and click for you.

Level 13


You can do that from Settings -> Manage pollers. Feature was introduced in NPM 10.7.




Very Nice LadaVarga

Its really worked for me ..

Thanks alot!!

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Level 13

You can select a large portion of the nodes in node management and select edit. If they all have something in common this will be easy to filter. If there is nothing in common with these nodes then you could create a custom property to assign temporarily to the nodes you want to change to snmp. Then group by the custom property and make the change en mass.

I'm not sure of a way to easily do this via SQL or SDK/SWQL at this time. But I'm slowly learning!

i like your post.

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Thank you, but this will not work for what I need to do. The setting I am looking to change is under List Resources, and that can't be done on multiple items at once.

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