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Level 7

Maps -> custom graphics - int down notification

I have created Cisco Router icons as custom graphics. They will change color depending on the state of the router itself.
When one of the interfaces has an issue, a very small red dot appears in the bottom right corner. I want to change that Icon.
Any one know where that .gif is or how I would change that?

Thanks in advance.
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Level 7

Yea, I did see that, but it is not what I am looking for. That post is refering to NPM system manager, my issue is on the MAPs.

On objects assigned custom graphics on the MAPs, interface down indications are a very small red dot on the bottom right of the graphic.
I want to be able to use something else as this is easily missed.

I don't have a web server I can put the image on, or I would attach a picture.

Thanks for the reply though.
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Level 15

Larry, see this thread which was just recently posted here:


~seek & ye shall find---> [url=""] <---no need to wait for answers~
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