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Level 7

Maps and Interface Indications.

Hi there,

We have just made the transition from HP Openview to Orion and have just come up against a little issue. We have a large switched network spread across the UK. What I am finding is that if a monitored switch interface goes down on a child/sub map this is indicated on the device icon on that child map but no indication is cascaded up to the Parent Map icon (On the Summary screen) which stays Green. If a node was to go down then this is indicated on all maps but not a specific interface. Am I going mad or have I just missed out something in the map making process. All icons are set to show child status also but I’m not sure what else to set.
All alerting is working OK but our Ops team like to see a visual indication on there map.
I have also looked on the Orion demo page and even on there it would seem that a downed interface doesn’t always show up on the main map.

Any help would be appreciated

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Level 7

I'm having the same issue. I have a main map, then sub-maps for my switch fabric. The sub-map has the switch objects on that map and child status shows issues, but this does not propigate up to the parent map.

Any thoughts? Thanks
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Level 12


In order for any interface to show up status-wise on the parent map it has to be placed on a sub map. You can't just have the node on the map.

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