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Maps - MPLS - Link utilization

dashedline.jpgDear SW community,

After many years we finally started to use MAPS in NPM.

Like most organizations, we use multi point WAN solutions (e.g. MPLS) and discovered that whilst using Atlas and connect MPLS Nodes (Routers) and then tell the connecting line to show link utilization - the result is a dashed line and a pop up that says these nodes are no longer connected. If we tried a LAN connection we didn't have a problem, but unfortunately, LAN connections are of little concern - we need a pictorial representation of the WAN links.

We tried Nodes and we tried the WAN interfaces - nothing changes.

We opened a support case and were told it wasn't supported (MPLS or other multipoint Networks).

Has anyone experienced this and if so did you have a work around ?

Kind Regards,


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Hi Eric,

We've kind of achieved this. Example that I've just quickly done in Network Atlas:


  1. Click Add Object.
  2. Right click the new object and Select Graphic.Go to Scaleable Icons, Shapes and select HollowCloud2.
  3. Add a label as "MPLS" as the text and drag this inside the cloud.
  4. Add an MPLS router node and drag this inside the cloud.
  5. Add the network switch that the above MPLS router is connected to on the LAN and place this in the correct location (e.g. London).
  6. Now run the ConnectNow to connect all L2+L3 links.

You should end up with something like the screenshot above.

It's far from perfect but it's a shortcoming of Network Atlas/NPM. Depending on the order you do things and the object icons you use, you can for example place the "cloud" over the nodes you place inside the cloud so it hides them to make it look nicer. Unfortunately there's no "bring to front" or "send to back" functionality in Network Atlas. I have raised this as an idea so please vote on it

I hope this helps but it appears this is the only "solution".

Thought I'd add this in case anyone else stumbles over this...

To get accurate % utlization, edit the switch interface in NPM and set the "custom bandwidth" to the MPLS bandwidth. Otherwise it'll report % utilization based on the speed between the switch port and the LAN port on the router which is likely to be 1Gbps and won't reflect the traffic going over the MPLS.


it works only when you have access to the PE located on the MPLS cloud... if you don't, like for most MPLS customers who have access to only the CE... you can't get MPLS link utilization reports.

Are you working on removing that limitation when a single link end is monitored ?


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Any word on if this has been fixed yet?

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No it's still the same, you need access to the PE. I use this method to display utilization (got this from another Thwack member). Works good.

useing variables in labels.JPG

‌plz click yes to

I've already voted on both of those

It's take SW too long with that...

I test that in the RC that feature came ...

It's was bad bad ide to make it part of the topology polling..

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Hey Syncopix,

Thank you for the very helpful idea!!

We're going to give it a shot this week. I'll need a big map though lots of connections.


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