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Mapmaker features and/or requests

I'm really really really new to this toolset (Orion), so the usual "forgive the newbie" disclaimers apply.

In setting up a large site (thousands of devices, links, etc), I find that the Mapmaker tool has 3 features which are either missing or not obviously placed:

1) Sort. (by IP, device, etc). For crying out loud, not all of my customers (ok, not ANY of my customers) have a standardized naming convention. Feel my pain.

2) Find. Similar to sort, in a list of thousands of devices, I would love to put in some identifying information and jump to the first device which matches.

3) Refresh. I'm building my map, and realize that device xxx isn't in there. I bounce over the SystemManager and add the interface. Now I want to add it to my map. No can do. Have to shut down and restart Mapmaker so it reads the list of devices. Oh the pain, the terrible pain!

Thanks in advance. I know these are minor when compared to "Trap handling" and other stuff people are requesting. But hopefully "minor" translates to "quick and easy to fix".

Deepest thanks for any advice, guidance, or personal hygene tips.
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Level 15


1) You will find it much easier to use all of Orions features if you rename your nodes in System Manager. Right click on the node once it has been added to system manager, and add a prefix to the node name. Since most functions in Orion are sorted alphabetically, this makes it much easier to manage and do searches. I've prefaced all my nodes with province and then device type, eg. - ON-r-<nodename>, AB-s-<nodename>,etc.

2) Another powerful tool for this is the Custom Property editor. You can create/filter on any field you like, as well as import info from a spreadsheet. Unfortunately this will not help you when using Mapmaker.

3) There should be a "refresh all" button on the toolbar. If not just right click on the toolbar and select commands. Under 'general' you will see 3 refresh buttons available. Just drag them to your toolbar & voila!


BTW. An easier way to manage/edit things in System Manager, is to open View > Nodes
You can now sort by IP, Machine Type, etc. by clicking on the header of the associated column. You can add columns by selecting view > customize currentview from the top menu.
Just right click on any item, and you can edit it directly from there.
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