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Level 9

Map from alert


I created an alert by correlation of more triggers.

Is it possible to represent this alert on the map with colored icon or something like that?


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Level 11

To be honest @ccandido, this is an interesting idea...

I have been thinking about something like this myself recently, simply as I have a client that reports on the activated alerts over the last 24 hours and wants to remove a manual check, amongst a plethora of other manual checks...

Might be worth seeing if there is a feature request for this ability, or at least the ability to add them as a dynamic query to a group so that that may be displayed on a map, because although changing a device status to critical is a decent workaround, grouping and mapping active alerts might give some other advantages and benefits...  

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Level 17

When you create Maps you either place your entities or groups on a map, those items have status. Default Icons will display a color for status and the map will update when status changes on your devices/entities. You see the updated map with updated status on reload of the page.


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Level 9

Hi David,

"you could change the status of a node as an outcome of an alert trigger".

That's very interesting! How can I do it?


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Hi ccandido  so if you goto your Alert and go to the Trigger Actions tab - Then Add Action. You will see an option for "Set Custom Status"


From this screen, you can choose which Status you want the Node to be changed to. You can also select a specific node that gets changed, which you could use as a traffic light node to indicate an issue rather than updating the triggered Node, but that might be over-complicating things.

* Note - Make sure you have a Reset Action to change the status back to it's Polled Status once the alert is reset otherwise the Node will stay in that status.

- David Smith
Level 9

Thanks David Smith. That is what I was looking for!

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I'm not sure I understand 100% what you have done, but whilst you can't visualise Alerts on a Map, you could change the status of a node as an outcome of an alert trigger, which can then be a node on the map?

- David Smith