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Level 9

Map Maker Integration Feature Request

Not sure if anyone else would find this useful, but I've been pineing for this feature for quite some time...

Have some method of linking a device to the maps it's included on. (ie. find device on map) feature. This is available in SNMPc (shudder) and would prove extremely useful in situations where a device is blinking DOWN, and we'd have the ability to click on the device, then find it on a map. Or at the very least, dump a list of maps that particular object is a member of, so we can select one.

I know where was a workaround published which required a bit of SQL stored procedure work, but I was hoping for an integrated solution. I'm also aware the mapping tool isn't technically part of the db with regards to the content...

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Level 14

+1 ..

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Euphorik--

I am moving this to the NPM Feature Request forum to get more visibility.


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