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Manage alerts

To manage alerts, when i open settings i always find manage advanced aletrs not manage aletrs ! so where can i find it ?

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what version you are on? copy-paste the whole line from the page footer

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in the older version you cannot manage alert via web-based interface even though it says "manage". You need to do it through "Alerts Management" app which is sitting on your server itself. There are two of them there - "Advanced Alert Manager" and "Basic Alert Manager"

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it's Orion Platform 2014.2.1, IPAM 4.3, NPM 11.0.1 . it's not an old one . but thank you very much for your help .

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You should not use Basic Alert Manager anymore. Only use Advanced Alert Manager.

Why do you want to use Basic Alert Manager?

I'm still running the same versions as you.

It is not latest either. Latest platform is 2015.something, latest NPM is 11.5.2

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