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Main Polling Engine keeps trying to ping APE accross firewall causing ICMP denied messages


For a while now the Main Polling Engine (MPE) on a DMZ keeps sending ICMP requests to the Additional Polling Engine (APE) on a protected network.  The APE is set to use itself as the reporting polling engine, so that the device status is not to be determined by the MPE; nevertheless, the MPE keeps pinging the APE.  I ran a database report for every node and its polling engine and nothing is set on the protected network to report to the MPE.  Yet I receive constant ICMP denied messages from the MPE on the firewall log. 

So, this leaves me wondering if there is another service or process that send ICMP packets from the MPE to APE.  I checked the server for any other software that may be causing this, but still unable to find out why the ICMP traffic continues.  I do not want to block ICMP from the host firewall since there are a lot of nodes on the same network. 

Anyway, thought I would ask the community in case anyone has observed this behavior. 


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