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MSMQ Filling up

I am having issues with the MSMQ filling up on my primary polling engine. Has anyone elese had this issue?

I raised it from default 1GB to 2GB but it isnt helping.

/collector/processingqueue/core.trap.messages has 533271 messages

NPM:12.0.1 SAM 6.3

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We saw this a couple years back and was a result of blocking on the Database.


Any issues with primary poller's connectivity to the database?

How big are Traps table and TrapVarbinds table?

Truncate Traps and TrapVarbinds - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


Index Space=10,075.711 MB

Row Count=57725557

Data Space= 12,188.711 MB


IndexSpace= 420.516 MB

Row Count=452846007

Data Space=97,733.945 MB

Thanks for the link i will get them cleaned up