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MOS score utility??

Using SolarWinds, traps and our own custom SNMP polling engine that feeds data into the SW interface, we can monitor everything for a VoIP environment EXCEPT that darned MOS score!

What I would love is a utility that runs on a PC and generates a MOS value (obviously it would have to create a synthetic transaction to something - either a phone and listen for the network responses or another PC running the agent and have them trade packets), stores it, and replies with that MOS score whenever it is polled.

Alternately, it could run MOS tests and send the info as a syslog or SNMP Trap.

Does anyone know of such a utility? I can find it as PART of other suites - we've looked at Concord, NetIQ and others. It is built into the BMC utility set, but you can't just pull it out and use it elsewhere.

Any thoughts?

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Level 15

Hi Leon,

You can use Cisco's SAA to generate the transaction between 2 Cisco devices;
It has a measurement that can be converted to MOS values;

Table 6 Correspondence of ICPIF Values to MOS Values
ICPIF Range MOS Quality Category
0 - 3 5 Best

4 - 13 4 High

14 - 23 3 Medium

24 - 33 2 Low

34 - 43 1 Poor

Crannog software has an application called Response Watch that can gather the Cisco SAA info from your routers & generate reports;


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