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Looking for a method of tagging an alert with a remedy ticket number

I've managed to get Orion to cut incident tickets to our Remedy 7.5 installation. The script i use receives an incident ticket number back from the Remedy system.


Now I need to put the ticket number somewhere inside Orion so that when the alert state resets, I can close the incident ticket auto-magically.

Has anyone come up with a working process that handles bi-directional communications with a ticketing system ?


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Level 12

We use BMC msend.exe to open the tickets and close ticket automatically when the problem comes clear.   This solves the problem of SolarWinds not knowing the Remedy ticket number.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the quick response. what sort of actions need to be configured in Solarwinds and Remedy if we need to use msend.exe  ? Is there any documentation which I can refer to ?

we have configured email for the ticket creation in Remedy but it is not configured as bidirectional...

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From our BMC/Remedy tech:  Hope this helps a little

From looking at the whole thread, I’m not sure he has ProactiveNet or Impact manager.  That’s our event management system that sits in between Solarwinds and Remedy.  The event management system is what handles the correlation between event and ticket. 

Solarwinds triggers msend to send the alarm event.  When the alarm is cleared then Solarwinds triggers msend to send an ok event. The ok event closes the alarm event in ProactiveNet/Impact Manager.  When the alarm event closes in ProactiveNet/Impact Manager, it triggers Remedy to close the ticket through a service that runs on the ProactiveNet server that is in constant two way communication with Remedy.

Another option would be to resolve the ticket through Remedy Mail.  Trigger an email to your Remedy mail address when the alarm clears on Solarwinds.  Remedy mail is flakey though.

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Level 9

I don't have auto-ticketing in place, but it sounds like you're more than halfway to having a complete open / close system.


You could create a custom property for storing the ticket number returned from your Remedy system. This could be inserted directly into the database via your script. (Your script would also need the node ID or some other unique identifier so it can update the correct node in the table.)

When the alert resets, it could pass the ticket number to your script which could forward that to Remedy to close it.

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are you able to configure the bidirectional flow for ticketing in Solarwinds and Remedy?

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