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Looking for Network Utilization Report for specific time on network


I am having weird situation where between 12:00 AM and 3 AM we have high network usage going on and I am trying to figure out where it is coming from? Initially, I thought it is from the backup jobs running during that time but the backup jobs are working normaly has it should? I am looking for report that would give me analysis of traffic of devices that are communicating during that time frame?  I like to know if there is better way to granulate the result and see which device is using the bandwidth  during that time? Any help would be appreciated. I have Solar winds Network Performance Monitor Version 12.1.5300.0

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Network Performance Monitor will give you only the overall link utilization.

To identify the Protocol of Traffic, Source and Destination IP address, you would need NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. You will need to configure NetFlow on the Router or Netflow capable switches where the traffic is passing though in order to give you the granular data.

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Hi Sean,

But how would I generate analysis for specific time e.g. 5PM - 2AM in single report like utilization.

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