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Load Balancer Page in Solarwinds

Its related to Load Balancing monitoring in Solarwinds. 

When I go to Load balancing page, I see all available pools on our F5. We would like to monitor only interested one, so is there any way we can filter them out and add/remove required ones.

Appreciate if can get any help here.

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Nope, the F5 integration is basically set up as an all of nothing type of deal.  And since there are no custom properties for the F5 objects you can't add a tag for example to say "alert on only these and ignore those." You have rely on things like filtering against the naming conventions and such in the F5. 

Most F5 admins I have seen never do any cleanup of what pools and VIP's exist, they just disable things or leave them down forever so I stopped sending them general purpose alerts a long time ago.  If a team asks me to monitor a specific pool then I will set up an alert on just their stuff.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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