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Level 9

Live NOC Dashboard For Server Metrics

I have tried creating a dashboard using the gauges and widgets available. The intent of the dashboard is to show the CPU and Memory stats live and without minimum delay. I have kept the polling metrics to the minimum for the servers that I have added in that NOC display, however the gauges are not changing as frequently as the stats are changing. This is creating a lot of fuss and confusion and I have a pressure from management to fix it asap so that the teams can get the best possible metrics and stats live and without any delay.

Can any one suggest how can I achieve that?

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Level 13

How are the teams accessing the dashboard, on their desktops via a direct page or do you have a NOC screen in their area?

The perf widgets are real time and more up to date as well if you are on 2019.4 you can try those resources.

The contents of the view will only refresh when the page loads.   The "enable noc view " button on the view settings can set things so the page is refreshed every 10-30 seconds and is probably the most common solution for this kind of thing.

- Marc Netterfield, Github