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List of Internet Domains and IP's Orion Communicates with?

There used to be a KB article that listed all of the internet addresses (Site names and IP Addresses) that an Orion server communicates with.  For the life of me I can not find it.  Every which way I try to word my google search or Success Center Support search results in tons of links that don't even come close to answering my question.  You would think it would be in the Port Requirements document (since that is the guide you would send your firewall administrator to open up ports with), but it wasn't in there either...

Does anyone know if this support article still exists and, if so, can you reply with the link please?

If this article doesn't exist then can someone from SolarWinds please reply with a list of all of the site names and/or IP Addresses that an Orion server communicates with?  (Mostly I'm just interested in a Primary Polling Engine, but if you have the specific external sites that an APE and an AWS communicate with that'd be great too.)


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I am looking for the same Orion internet communication address list. This is the only topic I can find talking about said list.

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I finally found it via a reply from somebody in another thread somewhere:

Success Center

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