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List Unresponsive SNMP Nodes in Custom Query Resource

Can anyone help me out on creating a query to place into the custom query resource that lists the nodes where SNMP is not responding?  I have a old report from the report writer that lists them, but I'm not sure how to get that into a resource.

Report SQL:


Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID, Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, Nodes.LastSystemUpTimePollUtc AS PollTime, Nodes.Alert_Team AS Alert_Team





  (DATEDIFF(mi,  Nodes.LastSystemUpTimePollUtc, getutcdate()) > 30) AND

  (Nodes.Status = '1')


ORDER BY Alert_Team ASC, PollTime ASC


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Level 12

This is the script I have used for many of my clients:

SELECT n.Caption as Node_Name, n.ip_address as IP_Address, n.ObjectSubType as Poll_Type

,Cast(DateDiff(day,MAX(c.datetime),getdate()) as varchar) + ' Day(s) ' + convert(char(8),dateadd(second,DateDiff(second,MAX(c.datetime),getdate()),0),14) as Duration

,DateDiff(mi,MAX(c.datetime),getdate()) minutes_since

FROM Nodes n

Inner join CPUload c on c.NodeID = n.NodeID

WHERE n.status = 1 and (n.ObjectSubType = 'wmi' or n.ObjectSubType = 'snmp')

GROUP BY n.Caption, n.StatusDescription,  n.ip_address, n.ObjectSubType

Having DateDiff(mi,MAX(c.datetime),getdate()) > 35

ORDER BY minutes_since desc

You can stick in the nodeid if you want linkage back to the node. 

You can also use the same as a alert:

SELECT nodes.NodeID, nodes.caption FROM Nodes

Inner join CPUload c on c.NodeID = nodes.NodeID
WHERE nodes.status = 1 and (nodes.ObjectSubType = 'wmi' or nodes.ObjectSubType = 'snmp')
GROUP BY nodes.Caption, nodes.nodeid
Having DateDiff(mi,MAX(c.datetime),getdate()) > 35

The procedure that ringo gave will work for putting the report writer into a view.


Amit Shah

Loop1 Systems


Does anyone find it strange that we have to resort to customization to get this information--vs being native to the product?  I realize you can use SNMP functionality to determine nodes status (vs. ICMP).  So whatever logic makes that work could presumably be integrated somewhere else for SNMP-monitored nodes which are not successfully communicating with SolarWinds servers via SNMP.

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Level 12

1) On the page you want the report to be on, click "Customize Page".

2)  Then click the green cross to add a Resource

3) In the pop up window that pops up search for "Report", you should see the option "Report from Orion Report Writer".  Click that and then click "Add Selected Resources".  This adds the resource you want to the page.  Now you need to point that resource to the report your interested in.

4)  Now click "Done" at the bottom of the page.  This should take you back to the page where you want your report displayed on.  Now there should be a Box that says Report from Report Writer.  Click "Configure this Resource".

5) Select the Report you want to display.  Click "Complete".

6) DONE!

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