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List Advanced Alerts

Is there a way to run a report that would list all advanced alerts that are configured. Something that would be readable by an administrator

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And Actually if they are an administrator there is the Manage Advanced Alerts on the Web Console under settings.

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The advanced alerts page on the web console should work for me. I am trying to change the number of entries displayed on that page and I can not find anywere that I can change that. I would like to have it display all my entries on 1 page . I think you would normaly do that under manage views but I dont see that page as an option to edit

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Create a report in report writer

SELECT TOP 1000 AlertName, Enabled, AlertDescription,TriggerSubjectTemplate, TriggerMessageTemplate, ResetSubjectTemplate, ResetMessageTemplate, LogMessage, NotifyEnabled FROM [dbo].[Alerts]

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AI needed the same information and created this report.

from AlertDefinitions ad
    Enabled = 1 -- True

order by

Message was edited by: Marlene Underwood I think this gives you the Advanced Alerts.  Based on a quick test, I think the post above is the Basic Alerts.

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