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Linux server monitoring

Our Linux and ESX (3.01) servers report in excess of 100 % Memory Utilization.  Is there a way to bring that down to reasonable levels?

What monitoring items have been created for monitoring an ESX and SAN environment? 

The Orion version is 8.5.1 SP3 

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Level 19

 Monitoring ESX is tricky because it uses net-snmp to report the data, but because of some decision VMware made, native snmp polling of the net-snmp doesn't  give the right answer.  In Orion NPM 9.0, we made some changes to more accurately report ESX memory.  NPM 9.0 will ship early in Q3.

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It is not just ESX that has this problem, it just happens to be my greatest concern.  There are other Linux devices that have this same issue.


Part 2. Are there any opportunities for Fiber-Channel and SAN monitoring?

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ESX will get special treatment because it's so prevalent.  For most vendors, we'll be limited by what net-snmp provides.

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