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Linux Machines Not auto-updating resources

Here is the problem. I have been seeing my Appstack environment for volumes as red like below screenshot.volumesss.PNG

When i checked on each server where the volumes is showing red i found that the " Next Poll " in volume details page  is showing Feb 2 2017 which is past (Note :Current Date is 19 March 2017 ).

So i searched for the server in Manage nodes and did list resource and found that the old volumes are still showing up there. I did Force Refresh and the old volumes does not show up and it shows only the new volumes. Once i click submit after force refresh and expand the server on the manage node it shows both old and new volumes and i have to manually delete the old volumes.


My question now is how can i make these servers auto update every time a volume is removed or volume label name has changed. I found that this problem is only on Linux machine which was initially polled using SNMP. I want to fix this issue for all the servers instead of going into each server and deleting old volumes. Can anyone help me on this.

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I observed this several years ago on my Windows boxes when we first set up NPM. It has been reported to SolarWinds multiple times on forums and in tickets, but they don't seem to either want, or be able, to alter this behaviour. Each time they said that it's just how it works.

I've tested a proof of concept Powershell script by updating the Volumes table with the actual volume labels and IDs retrived from automated SNMP scans, and it does work, so I'm not entirely sure why they haven't resolved it. For a fully automated fudge to resolve this, I suspect the SDK would be best option for actually updating the Volumes, but I only tested by doing manual updates via direct SQL, which is always something that SW doesn't recommend because it's more likely to trigger support calls if someone screws it up ... which would affect their profits.

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