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Links Redirect to Home Page if Login Session Has Expired

So I have noticed for a while that if I click on a link to solarwinds from say an email, if my Solarwinds session has expired I am prompted to log in. That part is fine, but once I log in, it does not direct me to the link I want, but to the home page.  I then have to re-click on the link wherever I got it from and it then takes me to the correct page. It used to not annoy me, but now it does to no end.  I don't believe this is a problem on our end, but is a quirk with the software. Do others experience this and did you fix it?



I have a link:

Oh no! My session to Solarwinds has timed out and I have to log in!  I am directed to:

Ok.  I log in.  But I'm not at my page.  I'm at

So now I have to re-click my old link.  Now I get to my page.  Very annoying.


If anyone has any suggestions as to fix this...or if this is a bug that just needs to be fixed by Solarwin, that would be awesome.



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Level 10

So has no one else experienced this...?

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